Homemade Pasta

imageFor years I have been trying to find a pasta recipe that I like. My issue has always been the texture of the dough. I love homemade pasta because it tends to be soft and tender. Every time I have ever made it the recipe has always called for semolina flour, which creates a stiff and rubbery texture. I finally found a great recipe. This comes from a lovely Italian lady named Lidia.

I was just fooling around one day when I tried the recipe. I had no intentions of even making pasta. The husband was outside working and in like 5 minutes this ball of dough was resting on the counter. It rested for 1 hour and then I cut it into 4 pieces and rolled one quarter out by hand. I cut it into wide noodles called pappardelle. I have always remembered my grandmother making pasta. She used to roll it out with a machine. The way she checked the thinness of her pasta was to lay it on a piece of newspaper. If you could see words behind the pasta it was thin enough. Really technical stuff here.

So, I make the pasta(5 minutes), I rest the pasta(1 hour), I boil the pasta(1-2 minutes) and then I taste it. It is so tender and soft and flavorful. It seriously was the best pasta I have ever tasted. After the hubby came in for lunch and I presented him with a plate of pasta, embellished with fresh slices of garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper, and copious amounts of freshly sliced parmesan cheese, I got the word. He states that he has never had a dish of pasta that good in his life. He then makes a joke about waiting 28 years of marriage to finally get a good dish of pasta from his Italian wife. Haha, I’m not offended!

I begin thinking about all the ways I want to make this pasta. Next stop was Canneloni, I also stuck with Lidia and used her recipe for the filling. This time I rolled the pasta out into a long rectangle. Added a scoop of filling in a line, rolled it, cut it and placed it into a pan prepared with tomato sauce. The possibilities are really endless.

Fresh Pasta

2 cups of Organic Unbleached Flour, plus more for working the dough
1/4 cup of olive oil
2 whole large eggs
3 TBSP water

In a food processor (or by hand), add 2 cups of flour and pulse to aerate. In a measuring cup add the eggs, olive oil, and water and beat with a fork just to incorporate. With the food processor running, pour slowly through the feed tube the mixed wet ingredients.

pasta mixing


Just as soon as a ball is formed stop mixing and remove the dough onto a floured cutting board. Knead for about a minute with flour into a smooth ball of dough.


pasta dough rest


Place into a ziploc bag and let sit on the counter for an hour. When the hour is up, have a pot of water boiling with 1 tsp salt and 1 tbsp. olive oil in the water. Cut the ball of dough into 4 pieces.

pasta rolled out



Roll out one quarter of the dough with flour. As you roll the dough thinner and thinner, continue dusting with flour so it doesn’t stick to the table or rolling pin.




cut pasta

When you achieve the desired thickness, cut it into whatever size pasta strips you want. Keep it dusted with flour until you boil it, when ready to drop it into the boiling water, shake off excess flour. Boil for 1-2 minutes  and remove the pasta from the water. Have the sauce of your choice ready to add to your fresh pasta.


Enjoy this fabulous pasta!

pasta with alfredo sauce