Homemade Hummus!

hummusIt’s really hard to find organic Hummus. At the same time it’s extremely easy to make hummus, organic hummus that is. I have mentioned before that one of my favorite brands is Eden foods. Eden sells canned organic garbanzo beans or chickpeas and all of their cans are BPA free. By making your own you can control the salt and put any flavors you like in the hummus. It’s high in fiber and so good for you. My favorite way to eat it is by mixing it with guacamole. I mix a bowl of avocado and lemon, fresh tomato, salt, pepper and cilantro and add a huge scoop of hummus. Yummmmmmy! I had left over grilled eggplant in my fridge, so I made eggplant and spinach hummus. But you can add whatever you like. There are many ways to flavor it. We always drizzle the top with good olive oil and sprinkle some Hungarian paprika on top. You can dip with toasted pita wedges or crackers, whatever you like will work. Just a note about olives, they can add a lot of salt to your hummus. If you plan to use olives, don’t add any salt until the end. Have fun creating!

Start with a cuisinart or food processer fitted with the blade attachment.
Add 1 can of Eden brand organic garbanzo beans drained of half the liquid.
Add the juice of one lemon
Add 1 head of roasted garlic or 4 very finely minced garlic cloves
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp Cumin or turmeric is optional
1 tsp paprika is optional
Begin the processor and drizzle 1/4 to 1/2 cup of olive oil through the feed tube while running. Before you add the oil, Now is when you would add other items, Like… I handful of spinach, 1/4 c. olives, 1/2 cup chopped roasted eggplant, 1/2 c.sundried tomatoes, 1/2 c.cooked artichoke hearts.

Scrape down the sides and taste, keep blending. Adding additional lemon or salt and pepper and even more oil if necessary… until you are happy with the flavor.
Serve with toasted pita bread.
Top with toasted pine nuts or other toasted nuts, olive oil and paprika! Enjoy your really healthy snack.

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